What Our Customers Are Sayin' About CFS...


“I cannot say enough positive things about Corporate Fitness Solutions! From the beginning Jon and his team have made us feel like a priority. We can    trust that we will receive towels that are clean and in good shape, folded neatly and delivered on time. On the rare occasions that our fitness center members have used all the towels early, our driver or someone else from the team does whatever is needed to get us towels to hold us over until our next delivery. CFS goes the next step to make sure that their clients are taken care of and because of that we are so thankful to have found them and to do business with them. If we need to get ahold of someone, we can contact them directly…there’s no calling a customer service line and hoping to get through to who you need. It’s the little things they do that have made our experience with them so great. CFS is a great company!”

—-Program Manager, EXOS

“Since we switched over to Corporate Fitness Solutions last year, the towel worry has gone out the window. Customer service and quality of product or both great. Now I can focus on business and not towels!”

—Program Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Corporate Fitness Solutions is by far the best towel service in Texas. I can say that with authority because I have done business with several competitors, in both Houston and Dallas, before learning about CFS. There are multiple reasons that make CFS the best in what they do. 

1. The quality of their towel is amazing but their quality control team is something to brag about. Every towel delivered seems as if it’s brand new and I can trust that every towel put out in my facility is of high standard. 

2. The invoicing is easy to understand. No more of the confusing and varied pricing. I know what to expect each month so I can budget for my site appropriately.

3. Above all else, the customer service is outstanding. From the drivers to the owners, their attentiveness and quick response when needed is what I value as manager. They truly care about their customers and it shows.

Corporate Fitness Solutions has made my job easier and has set the bar for any and all towel delivery services available. Thanks CFS!!”

Program Manager, EXOS

“Corporate Fitness Solutions exemplifies “Class A” customer service and linen solutions. While servicing large institutional tenants such as State Farm and Citibank, CFS consistently delivers reliable products and unmatched customer service.”

—Senior Property Manager, Stream Realty

“It has been wonderful working with you guys for our towel service! I love that CFS takes the time to go through our towels to take out any stained ones from our inventory.  It makes such a difference knowing that we don’t have to waste extra time sorting through our towels when we put them out for our members! (we used to have to do this with our previous vendor).”  

—-Program Manager, EXOS

“I wanted to reach out to say a big thank you for all that you and your team do each week to give our fitness center such great towel service. We recently sent out our 2017 Satisfaction Survey and our feedback regarding towel services was phenomenal. Towel services were rated 4.9/5, which was the highest satisfactory level we saw for site service offerings. The survey responses reflected how valued CFS services are by our members, and we so appreciate the great job that has been done since working with you all.

Thank you again for all that you guys do for us!”

—Program Manager, EXOS

“I have nothing but great things to say about what you guys have done for us, as well as the quality of your service.”

—-Program Manager, EXOS

“CFS has been an essential addition to our fitness center amenity offerings. Members of our fitness center provide very positive feedback to us on a regular basis about the high quality towels that are provided to them. As manager of our fitness center, I can say that it is a breath of fresh air to have my mind at ease when it comes to the towel amenities that CFS provides. In the past, we have run into issues with vendors not providing the stated services and CFS goes above and beyond to ensure that the facility’s towel amenities are taken care of above and beyond our expectations each week. We are thankful to have found such a great service provider and equally thankful for the kind and supportive team that come along with that.”

—Program Manager, EXOS

“Thank you for proving us with excellent customer service and quality towels and service. Our tenants have responded very nicely to us regarding the new towels AND so has our Executive Vice President (he works out in the fitness center often).

Thank you for being prompt in your response time as well!”

—Property Manager, Piedmont

“It’s been flawless. 

My tenants immediately could tell the difference and complimented us on it.

Not only that…but I’ve been saving money every single month. You get great value with CFS, and it’s truly has been worth every cent. I’ll never go back.”

—Property Manager, Holt Lunsford

“After many incidents with our former towel vendor, we contacted CFS for a quote. We were able to get better quality towels at less cost to our client! The service is impeccable and I have never had an issue with quantities, deliveries or quality of service and goods. I HIGHLY recommend CFS as a preferred towel vendor.”

 —–Program Manager, EXOS