Why CFS?

CFS Linen provides towel and linen service unlike any others. We are fully committed to CUSTOMER SERVICE and quality towel service that you can RELY on. Your towel and linen service should not be something you should need to worry about! With CFS Linen, your towel service frustrations and worries will be no more…this is our promise to you! With over 100+ clients we serve on a daily & weekly basis, we have the results to prove it. We are a full service weekly towel & linen laundering service in DFW, Houston and Austin, TX, based in Addison, TX. CFS Linen focuses on providing fresh clean towels and linens to corporate and private fitness centers, country clubs, hotels, gyms of all kinds, restaurants, and any other place that needs linens! CLICK HERE to hear directly from some of our customers!

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The CFS Difference

CFS Linen is 110% committed to customer service! We get to know each and every one of our customers on a personal level and stop at nothing to provide each one of them with the absolute best towel service possible! Dirty, smelly, stained towels & linens?? Not on our watch!!

We hand sort each towel as it comes in to our facility. We then use only the latest & greatest and state-of-art laundering equipment to thouroughly clean each and every towel to the max. We use environmentally safe cleaning agents and Ozone technology to clean our towels.  CFS Linen hand folds each and every one of our towels just as another added measure in our quality control process before they go out the door. Any stains still standing? Back through the cycle they go!!

Ultimately, when you go with CFS Linen for your towel & linen service, you can rest assured that it will be the easiest & best service you will ever receive!

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The CFS Team

CFS Linen is a family owned and operated company. Each one of our team members play a critical role in making us the #1 towel service company in DFW, Houston, and Austin. Our front office staff, Delivery Drivers, Operations Managers, and Laundry Experts, and Towel Folding Experts are all very integral parts of our CFS family and very highly regarded.  We love our CFS Family! CLICK HERE to meet some of the CFS team!

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